Monthly Archives: October 2012

Digital nEcrolegacy

Living in a world dominated by social networking, how will facebook society preserve its own digital legacy?

Digital nEcrolegacy Crematorium speculates on a plausible near future where, the boundaries between our real social status and our digital one are blurred. East London will be at the forefront of London’s high-tech growth and innovation with its own technological hub to rival Silicon Valley. As our physical and digital realities become ever more entwined, an opportunity arises to propose a new hybrid¬† typology comprising of a digital crematorium and archive. This project responds to a growing demand of users that choose to replace the conventional funerals, graves and grieving rituals, with a digital ‘after-death’ profile of themselves.

In the years to come, the existing crematorium typology will be revised to offer a choice of immortality to our digital selfs, which ultimately leads to redemption.

Georgios Manousis